Yellow underpants, clatter of pots, change of names: 16 bizarre New Year traditions from around the world

Strange New Year traditions of different countries of the world.

New Year is truly an international holiday, because it is celebrated in almost all countries of the world. That's just the tradition of celebrating each nation has its own. And if for some they are familiar and understandable, then others cause bewilderment. We have collected 16 bizarre New Year's customs from different parts of the world.

1. Colombia

Walk with an empty suitcase.

In Colombia, travel enthusiasts go out at midnight for a walk with an empty suitcase. People believe that walking around the house with a travel bag will fill the year with travel and enjoyable trips.

2. El Salvador

Fortune telling on the egg.

In the country of El Salvador, located in Central America, on New Year's Eve it is customary to guess on the egg. An ordinary chicken egg is broken into a bowl and left on the windowsill for the night, and in the morning they look what shapes they formed. Residents believe that what they see in the egg will come true within a year.

3. Brazil

New Year's Eve in Brazil.

On New Year's Eve, Brazilians dress up in white. It is believed that this scares away evil spirits. They also bring flowers to the goddess Yemaya, mother of fish, and jump through the waves. They say that if you jump over 7 waves, then luck will accompany all year.

4. Australia

The bustling traditions of Australia.

In Australia, the New Year is celebrated loudly and cheerfully. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, people start loudly congratulating each other, knocking on pots and drums, blowing trumpets, whistling or just screaming. Thus, Australians are inviting the New Year to visit.

5. Argentina

New Year's customs of Argentina.

Residents of Argentina believe that those who celebrate the New Year in pink underwear will definitely be lucky in love. Well, in order to be in a good mood all year, you need to take a step forward with your right foot at midnight.

6. Chile

Lentils for good luck.

For the New Year to be safe in terms of finances and work, Chileans eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight. And in order to cleanse the house of negative energy, it is customary to sweep on the last day of the year.

7. Philippines

New Year traditions in the Philippines.

New Year in the Philippines is like one big firework. On the night of December 31 to January 1, all rooms include light and festive illumination. In addition, on the evening of the 31st, city dwellers open all cabinets, lockers and doors to let good luck into the house. In addition, according to, this night until the morning fireworks and crackers explode in the sky. And we are talking not only about big cities, but also about small villages.

8. Scotland

A guest bringing luck.

In Scottish folklore there is such a thing as “First foot”, which literally translates as “first foot”. This is the first guest who crosses the threshold of the house after midnight, brings gifts, and with them luck. Typically, gifts include small money, bread, coal, salt, or whiskey.

9. Turkey

Throwing grenades on New Year's Eve.

On New Year's Eve in Turkey, it is customary to throw grenades from the balconies, of course, we are talking about fruits. The more juice splashes, the richer and more fruitful the year will be.

10. Cuba

Water the threshold with water.

In Cuba, before midnight, you need to have time to fill all available containers with water, and in the first minutes of the new year pour it on the threshold of your house and passers-by. According to, tradition exists in Uruguay.

11. Venezuela

Yellow underpants for the New Year.

Venezuelan residents are sure: those who celebrate the New Year in yellow shorts are doomed to success in all areas of life.

12. Guatemala

Money Ritual in Guatemala.

Guatemalans are confident that on New Year's Eve, financial well-being can be brought in. To do this, exactly at midnight, you need to go out and throw 12 coins over your shoulder.

13. Bulgaria

New Year in Bulgaria.

According to tradition, after midnight in Bulgaria, the lights are extinguished for 3 minutes. In these minutes they don’t say toasts, they just kiss. A favorable sign is considered if someone sneezes at the table. Bulgarians are sure that this brings good luck.

14. England

Kisses under the mistletoe.

By tradition, houses in England are usually decorated with mistletoe. On New Year's Eve, a man can kiss any girl standing under a mistletoe.

15. Spain

Grapes for good luck.

In Spain, in order to attract good luck, you need to eat 12 grapes. One for each chime.

16. Micronesia

New Year is a new name.

For the New Year in Micronesia, it is customary to change the name. This is done secretly so that evil forces do not find out. Family members announce their new names in turn in each other's ear. At the same time, one of the relatives rings a tambourine. Residents choose their names themselves, because of this often funny stories happen. For example, in one year, a good half of the male population decided to be called Michael Jackson.

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