17 cases when the idea is good, but the execution is lame

Examples of ingenuity that knows no boundaries.

Everyone knows that savvy is practically our national trait. It is non-standard to solve the problem, to find a way out of the current situation, we succeed best. But sometimes the idea is good, but the performance is lame.

1. "Our hands are not for boredom, but for the most luxurious crafts!"

Shoes are expensive and canisters are cheap.

2. Playing colleagues or building a suit in three minutes is easy!

Agree, an interesting hairstyle.

3. When you don’t know how to cook, but you know how to surprise

Novate.ru dubbed this dish "Funny Sausons."

4. There was a laptop, but became a home theater

The evolution of a single laptop.

5. It seems that the New Year is very “loved”

Christmas tree from the most improvised materials.

6. Novate.ru warns, madness is contagious!

"Win the snow together!"

7. No candles in the form of numbers - it does not matter!

Use Roman numerals.

8. A great example of the interaction between domestic inventions and modern technology

"What a good thing this plunger is, after all!"

9. "Working people need a comfortable stay!"

Improved city transport.

10. One has only to say: “To me,” and the tool kit is at my fingertips.

Tool kit with legs.

11. "I will not buy a new janitor!"

Changed the wiper brush.

12. My son said that using this contraption is simply impossible otherwise

Fashionable birdhouse.

13. There are no hopeless situations! Sometimes you just need to dig a hole!

"We are in the house!"

14. Nothing will stop me from becoming a star!

The beginning of the star trek.

15. "I tell you, this is not a package, but a fashionable backpack!"

A bag that pretends to be a backpack.

16. Showed to comrades from England what a mixer is!

Improvement of the crane.

17. "We drank our best to build this beautiful staircase!"

Christmas tree made of bottles.

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