8 cars that all drivers are satisfied with and do not find any problems in them

Choosing a car is not an easy task, especially for novice drivers. In such a situation, surveys of the owners of certain brands, who independently determined their strengths and weaknesses, as they say, "on their own skin" help a lot. What kind of cars last year satisfied the requests of the largest number of drivers - further in our review specifically for readers of the Novate.ru website.

1. Toyota

Toyota has won the reputation of a very reliable manufacturer. | Photo: toyota-camry.infocar.ua.

Car reliability is one of the keys to Toyota’s success in recent decades. Hence, the "grow legs" rating, which takes into account how satisfied the drivers with their cars. Despite the fact that the Japanese automaker fell three positions from the previous year, its rating of 76% shows that this is one of the brands that people like the most.

2. Subaru

Subaru cars are not only safe, but also enjoy driving. | Photo: report.if.ua.

Subaru cars, especially SUVs and crossovers, are some of the safest cars on the road. Moreover, the Outback model is, according to the authors of the Novate.ru website, one of the best cars for daily trips. The machine is dynamic, comfortable, safe, and at the same time will not let you down on forest paths, like some competitors. Therefore, it is not surprising that 76% of drivers are satisfied with their Subaru.

3. Audi

In addition to some problems with the electronics, drivers are very pleased with their Audi. | Photo: autoweek.com.

Like Subaru and Toyota, which we have already reviewed, 76% of owners are fully satisfied with Audi cars. It is worth noting that older Audi models are prone to breakdowns in terms of electrics and electronics, on the correction of which you can go broke, but cars of the latest generations are already devoid of these shortcomings.

4. Mazda

Modern cars such as the Mazda CX-9 offer excellent value for money for satisfied customers. | Photo: automoto.ua.

Mazda cars have the same percentage of satisfied drivers (76%) as Audi, Subaru, and Toyota, but over the past year, the Japanese have jumped higher than others. The CX crossover line is one of the best in comparison with competitors, and the sporty MX-5 model turns even the calmest drivers into fans of the Mazda brand.

5. Chrysler

Even though Chrysler has clearly problematic models, most drivers are happy with their cars. | Photo: auto-obzory.ru.

In recent years, only the most lazy journalists have not blamed the mid-size Chrysler 200 sedan for its many shortcomings. And even so, Fiat-Chrysler cars, for the most part, leave drivers happy. So. This year, as many as 78% of drivers said that they were completely and completely satisfied with their Chrysler.

6. Genesis

Hyundai has promoted the prestigious Genesis brand and it seems to be waiting for success. | Photo: povozcar.ru.

A few years ago, Hyundai repeated what the Japanese did back in the late 1980s. The Koreans created a new brand Genesis, under the name of which expensive executive models are produced. Since the end of 2015, Genesis has been sold worldwide, and now it is one of the automakers with the highest satisfaction rating among its customers - 81%.

7. Porsche

Porsche cars such as the Macan can be expensive, but obviously worth it. | Photo: ukapota.ru.

Most Porsche cars are sold at a considerable price, but owners of these cars are usually happy with their purchase. More precisely, 85% of drivers truly love their cars assembled in the German Stuttgart for driving pleasure, comfort, high status and style.

8. Tesla

External problems have little effect on how much drivers love their Tesla. | Photo: ixbt.com.

Despite the fact that Elon Musk is constantly falling into the midst of scandals, Tesla has problems with the production and operation of an autopilot, the owners of the coolest electric cars in the world consider themselves happy. At least 90% of drivers said they were completely satisfied with their Tesla, regardless of model, and this is the best result among all car manufacturers.
And in the next review you can find out which car brands cause only chagrin

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