Black screws: why it is better not to use them

Black self-tapping screw is one of the most common products on the shelves of construction stores. Most masters consider this type of self-tapping screw universal. In reality, this is far from the case, and there are cases when it is better to refuse black screws.
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It doesn't matter what you work with - wood or drywall sheets. In both cases, black screws will prove to be excellent. They hold tight, almost never break and differ in general reliability and durability. Each builder always chooses the materials and tools he will work with, and therefore he should take into account some unpleasant "features" of black self-tapping screws.
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Long black screws are easy enough to bend and break when you try to twist them into a solid material. Without preliminary drilling, it is better not to use such self-tapping screws at all, so as not to break even more firewood. The slightest mistake in the process of twisting is fraught with a breakdown of the head of the hardware. If this happens, you will have to (most likely) screw another one nearby.
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Do not forget in the process of working with black screws that they are intended primarily for working with lightweight structures. Heavy ones can simply not stand and break. In addition, this view does not withstand bends. When you try to bend the screw, it is likely to break.
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Finally, it is worth remembering that all black screws are covered with an oxide film, which does not have a high level of durability. This means that you cannot use black self-tapping screw without additional protection measures. Left in the street, it will soon rust and become more fragile. All of this may cause the structure that rests on them to simply fall apart, consultants emphasize.
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