Functional options for how to effectively remake old Soviet furniture (20 photos)

New life of old Soviet furniture.

Perhaps, many of the modern inhabitants of the house or in the country have a network of old Soviet furniture. Some take care of it, because they are used to seeing a furniture wall or sideboard in a strictly defined place for decades, while others simply do not have the financial ability to replace cabinets. Today we have collected 20 options on how to make old Soviet furniture more stylish.

1. Colorful chair

Bright chair with new upholstery.

2. Bench

Amazing transformation of an old pedestal into a stylish and cozy banquette.

3. The wall

The new modern look of the old Soviet wall.

4. Designer chair

The old ragged chair turned into a real design art object, thanks to painting and new upholstery.

5. Light buffet

The new look of the grandmother's buffet, repainted in white.

6. Sideboard

A simple example of a redesign of an old varnished sideboard.

7. Kitchen table

A stunning transformation of an old shabby bedside table.

8. Bookshelf

Unnecessary radiola turned into a bright bookshelf.

9. Stand

The old bedside table has acquired a modern look due to painting in light colors.

10. Snow-white sideboard

White paint will help refresh Soviet furniture.

11. Wardrobe to the nursery

A wonderful example of a redesign of a boring wooden cabinet.

12. Bedside tables

A new modern look of Soviet bedside tables.

13. Wardrobe

A budget option for remaking an old cabinet.

14. Sofa

An example of the restoration of an old sofa.

15. Dining table

Stylish decor of the old table.

16. Bright stool

Amazing transformation of a shabby stool.

17. Chest

Partial painting freshened an unsightly old chest of drawers.

18. Desk

New life of the old desk.

19. Roomy cabinet

Thanks to high-quality painting, the varnished curbstone acquired a completely new modern look.

20. Vintage console

A simple example of a redesign of the Soviet console.

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