20 barbecue grills for those who cannot imagine their life without a juicy piece of meat

Compact grill that can be hidden at any time.

There is nothing tastier than succulent fried meat (unless, of course, you are not a vegetarian). And although the summer is still far away, we have collected 20 unusual grills, to look at which all the neighbors will come together.

1. A small barbecue on the balcony

Compact grill on the railing for barbecue on the balcony.

2. Temporary barbecue grill

A very simple but effective way to create a temporary brick base grill.

3. Unusual shape of a modern barbecue grill

The triangular grill allows you to properly distribute heat.

4. Mini grill

A cast-iron Dutch grill Lodge will come in handy during summer outings.

5. Built-in round barbecue table

Beautiful arbor in a classic style with a grill and a comfortable sitting area.

6. The key to a pleasant stay

A light brick grill is a rather expensive but durable construction.

7. Portable barbecue grill

A small portable unit for preparing meat dishes.

8. Stationary grill

Stationary charcoal grill, which is strong and durable.

9. Stone BBQ Grill

Temporarily built red brick barbecue grill.

10. Fixed installation in the garden

Large fixed installation for barbecue in the countryside.

11. Place to relax

The gazebo with a stationary barbecue is a place for relaxation and socializing.

12. Barbecue stove - an interesting element of cottage design

Garden brick oven-barbecue, as an integral part of the landscape design of the garden.

13. Greek style grill

A bespoke antique Greek style barbecue stove.

14. Garden grill

Combined barbecue grill in the interior of the garden.

15. Modern grill

The ultra-modern barbecue grill is a convenient and stylish solution.

16. Classic charcoal grill

A charcoal fryer is convenient to use and will not take up much space.

17. Modern ceramic grill

A ceramic grill is an indispensable item on a picnic.

18. Great grill placement solutions

A compact grill that can be hidden at any time after cooking.

19. Backyard grill

Small stationary barbecue in the backyard.

20. Stationary grill in the gazebo

Combined grill looks stylish and has circulation holes for the most delicious cooking.

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