A house worth only $ 2,500, which took less than a day to build

A house that was built in just 14 hours.

As a rule, the construction of houses is delayed for several months. This house was not built in months or even weeks. The builders took only 14 hours. The thing is in the special shape of the bricks, which makes the laying process very fast and durable.
Bricks reminiscent of the details of a puzzle.

These curly bricks resemble constructor details. They were made in Mexico. When using these blocks, there is no need to coat each of them with cement. Due to their shape, they are fastened together as puzzle elements. Cement is poured into some of the vertical channels, so the power columns are obtained. In addition, openings are provided in these blocks so that cables can be pulled through them. Pipe recesses are also available.
A house that was built in a matter of hours.

For a house of 47 square meters, 2568 such blocks were needed at a price of 50 cents apiece. The cost of the erected “box” along with electrical and plumbing work amounted to only $ 2,500.
Figured bricks for quick construction.

In the Moscow region you can also find a house that was built in just a day. To do this, use a 3D printer.

Watch the video: $2,500 USD Habiterra Affordable House (December 2019).

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