7 Repair Mistakes: Important Tips That You Should Listen To Not To Bite Your Elbows

Errors in repair.

Repair is often compared to a natural disaster, therefore, having finished it, I so want to breathe a sigh of relief. True, a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey can be minor flaws that are discovered when everything is already completed. And to fix what you do not like is already so difficult. In our review - the most frequent punctures and disappointments.

In order not to be disappointed with the new repair, you need to provide for many little things initially. In particular, it is worth marking the electricians, think about where the sockets will be located, and how many they need. You should immediately weigh the pros and cons of combining the bathroom: one thing if you live alone, and quite another if you have a large family. Our list contains the top 7 mistakes that people often make without thinking, and then bite their elbows.

1. Aesthetic design of the hood

Hood without corrugation box.

Without a hood in our kitchens, nowhere, but the corrugation, snaking like a snake over the kitchen cabinets, looks unaesthetic. That is why it is better to foresee a corrugation box or plan furniture in the kitchen so that the corrugation is inside the wall cabinets.
Corrugation box.

2. No laminate flooring in the kitchen

Laminate in the kitchen is beautiful, but not practical.

Laminate or parquet board look attractive in the kitchen, but few people think about whether it is practical. The board is very affected by humidity, so if a pipe leaks suddenly, it is fraught not only with plumbing repairs, but also with a swollen floor. In addition, mechanical damage is instantly formed on the laminate due to any fallen object. They dropped a knife, broke a cup - all this is fraught with scratches and chips.

3. Effective use of space under the bathroom

Niche under the bathroom.

Tile in the bathroom is practical. However, one should not forget to leave a niche under the bathroom open. To look aesthetically pleasing, you can choose a plastic door to the size of the tile. Under the bath, you can store various household trifles.

4. Only a large dressing room

Capacious wardrobe.

In small apartments, everyone tries to find at least a little space for the dressing room. However, if you have doubts about how to correctly allocate a place, then we recommend that you take the extra half meter to expand the dressing room. The room will not suffer from this, but as soon as there is no free space left in the dressing room, it will not work to build a new one.

5. Warm floor

Warm floor in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

Be sure to make a warm floor: even if it is not immediately possible to use it, then in the future you will say thank you. The ideal warm floor is with a timer so that you can set the time to turn it on, because it takes time to warm up and, waking up in the morning, you run the risk of walking on the cold floor.
When planning a heated floor in the kitchen, initially make a project where the furniture and the refrigerator will be located so that they do not lay the floor. Please note that if you just step back a meter from the wall, and the depth of the floor cabinets is 60 cm, then there will be no heating just near the furniture. While cooking, it will be uncomfortable.
The warm floor in the corridor can be used for quick drying of wet clothes, especially in rain and snow.
In addition, underfloor heating is a salvation for families with children. You can not worry if the child likes to lie or crawl on the floor.
It is worth paying attention to another important point: if the pipes to the batteries pass in the floor, and the underfloor heating sensor is located in close proximity to them, then the thermostat is often not regulated during the heating season, responding to only two modes: off and maximum power.

6. Big boiler

A large boiler is an ideal solution for the whole family.

Boiler - indispensable when turning off hot water or when it is supplied with a low heating temperature. In addition, the use of a boiler is often more economical than paying for hot water. Thinking of buying a boiler, pay attention to the model of 80 liters, this is optimal for a family of 3-4 people. Remember that the boiler must not be hung on plasterboard walls, and during the repair, provide a separate outlet for it.

7. Rules for installing switches

Rules for installing switches.

Firstly, place the switches at a height of 80-90 cm from the floor, it is convenient for both adults and children.
Secondly, make two switches / switches in the bedroom: near the entrance and near the bed. So you can turn on the light when entering the room, and turn it off while lying in bed.
Thirdly, put the switches with the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting in the bedrooms, this will create a cozy atmosphere, and also solve the problem with children who are afraid to fall asleep in the dark.
Fourth, install the switches so that they are on the side of the door handle, not the hinges. This is a real trifle, but so important!
If you are seriously thinking about repairing a house, be sure to pay attention to these 19 cool solutions. Following these tips, you can make a truly worthwhile interior!

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