An interior that will never be bored: a bright apartment in Bucharest

Bright apartment in Bucharest

How to make the interior stylish and colorful with just a few details? This is not at all difficult. We were able to verify this by looking into one very bright extraordinary apartment, which is located in Bucharest. She managed to stylishly transform, visually enlarge and make functional.
Stylish living room design

The apartments that will be discussed today have a total area of ​​71 square meters, of which only 64 squares are residential, which is not so much for a 3-room apartment. Therefore, even here we had to fight for square meters and come up with visual tricks that could expand the space.
Apartment with an area of ​​71 square meters

The interior design was done by a Romanian designer Irina Pogonaru. As a background, she chose white, which is associated with a blank canvas. It contrasts with interior items made in rich tropical shades. And a kind of contrast was conceived by Irina initially. She was inspired by nature with its bright and rich colors.
By combining the kitchen and the living room, we got one spacious room
Bright interior
The designer was inspired by nature to create this interior.
Bright details in the interior
Almost all the furniture was made to order
Interesting bright decor

They decided to combine the kitchen and living room to make the main room bigger and brighter. The living room has become the most active color zone in the entire apartment. The kitchen was made in monochrome colors. Clear lines, black and white contrast made this area very cozy and elegant.
Stylish kitchen
Monochrome in the kitchen
Elegant dining area
Practical and beautiful!

Three people live in this Romanian apartment - a married couple and their child. The parents' bedroom was decorated in calm, warm colors. Furnished the room is minimalist but tasteful. In the interior of the whole apartment, art deco notes are subtly felt, and in the bedroom (as in the kitchen) they are quite pronounced. For example, a large soft headboard immediately catches your eye. Bedside tables are barely noticeable, but with their brilliance they emphasize the grace of this small interior. One of the walls is occupied by a sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors, which create a very interesting visual effect. Thanks to them, the room seems to be what it really is.
Mirror effect in the bedroom
Elegant bedroom design
Mirrored sliding wardrobe visually expands the room
Stylish soft headboard

The children's room also does not differ in the number of square meters. It would not fit standard pieces of furniture that are usually placed in nurseries. Therefore, a practical solution was applied to this interior - they made custom-made multifunctional furniture. This is a direct storage cabinet, library, chest of drawers and a berth. The bright atmosphere of the apartment in this room is supported by colored wallpaper and furniture facades.
There is also a work desk in the children's room, at which the child can do homework, read and do creative work. This furniture was also made to order, which turned out to be more profitable at a price than to purchase ready-made options in the store.
Nursery interior
Multifunctional furniture for a children's room
The working area in the nursery
Stylish elements on children's furniture

In general, the interior of the apartment turned out to be harmonious, beautiful and cozy. You won’t get bored in such a space! By the way two Brazilian designers made bright and unusual furniture, which is also able to make the interior exceptional.

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