Clear geometry and nothing more: a monochrome minimalist mansion

Casa Golf is a minimalist mansion.

The concept of comfort and coziness in each house has its own. An architect from Buenos Aires realized his new project - a residential mansion. The main building materials in it were concrete and glass. This minimalist geometry of the house is designed to soften the view of the green golf course, which is located nearby.
Project by architect Luciano Kruk.

Architect Luciano kruk relatively recently completed the design and construction of a private mansion Casa golflocated in the center of Costa Esmeralda near Buenos Aires (Argentina) The house was built near the golf course, which was the reason for this name.
The mansion is a pile of massive geometric shapes. The main materials the architect chose concrete and glass. In his opinion, such a contrast will only emphasize the individuality of the building.
Casa Golf. Living room.

Despite the fact that the concrete rectangles appear to be separate structures from the outside, the internal space of 274 square meters is thought out to the smallest detail. In the transverse "rectangle" is a living room, dining room and kitchen. The interior is designed in a minimalist style. The modesty and dullness of the atmosphere is offset by the view from the window on the green golf course.
Casa Golf. Living room.
Casa Golf. Bedroom.

On the upper tier is the master bedroom, and at the very bottom there are two more sleeping rooms for guests and private bathrooms.
Casa Golf is a house with geometric volumes.

Geometric shapes can be not only gray and boring, but also bright and fun. Butcherknife Residence - house with colorful balconies became a great alternative to boring buildings.

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