Ministry of Health warns: 15 pictures about the first day of the new year

Caution: the first of January.

Some people are trying so hard to prepare for the New Year that they are incredibly tired, exhausted and literally tumble down when the main night of the year is already behind. And January 1 is taking its course, meeting people on the streets and in apartments who have well celebrated the holiday.

1. The storm

It seems that someone was very stormy ...

2. Sleeping place

"Hippolytus, is that you?"

3. The old sideboard

It seems that someone decided to support the old Roman tradition, to throw away old things on New Year ...

4. The way home

Getting home on January 1st can be especially dangerous and difficult.

5. The hangover

"Water! Give me water!"

6. Cocktail

Pickle is the official sponsor of January 1st.

7. Empty bins

"Alcohol ended last year!"

8. Appearance

He dressed as he could and ran for some water.

9. Congratulations

Congratulations from the "good" people.

10. New face

It seems that someone does not recognize himself in the mirror.

11. Herringbone

All that remains of the holiday tree.

12. Santa Claus

And Santa Claus is already preparing gifts for the next New Year.

13. Street decor

Already today in all yards.

14. Breakfast

The most sumptuous breakfast of the year.

15. Gifts

All good boys and girls in the morning, under the Christmas tree will find the desired gifts.

And, perhaps, such frames can be safely classified as funny everyday pictures that foreigners will never understand. Take care of yourself and celebrate holidays wisely.

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