Hovercraft from the movie "Back to the Future" in San Francisco Bay (VIDEO)

Hovercraft from a famous movie.

A video of a hovercraft repeating exactly the design of a car from the movie "Back to the Future", surfing the waters of the San Francisco Bay, literally blew up the Internet.
Hovercraft is an exact copy of DeLorean.

The device has only a 16-horsepower engine, and does not demonstrate miracles of speed (maximum speed is about 35 km / h), but it looks amazing and awakens the positive emotions caused by watching "Back to the Future".
One of the successful projects on Kickstarter.

Hovercraft on video - an exact copy of the hovercraft Deoreancreated by student Matthew Rize. As Rize himself explained in the description of the project on the Kickstarter platform, he began to assemble his amazing device back in 2010, but after two years of hard work he realized that he needed additional funding. Rize was going to raise $ 5,500 on Kickstarter, but it turned out that there were more “Back to the Future” fans than he thought.

The DeLorean hovercraft was built, successfully tested, and continues to successfully fly over the water today. As a basis, the author of the project took a set of parts for Hov Pod hovercraft and gave the device the design of a DeLorean car.

Another video that gave a positive charge - stuntman ascended into the sky on a bunch of balloons.

Watch the video: Die Another Day - Hovercraft Chase (December 2019).

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