Angular glass house: simplicity and comfort

An angular glass house in Switzerland.

On the hill of one of the vineyards in Switzerland there is an angular glass house. Due to the nature of the local landscape, part of it is built underground.
The architectural project of the studio L3P Architekten.

Architectural Studio L3P Architekten carried out the construction of a private house located on top of a vineyard in Dielsdorf (Switzerland). Given the hilly terrain of the site, part of the building is located underground. The entrance is through the garage.
The house is dominated by black.
Stained-glass windows provide natural light access to the premises.

The black color of reinforced concrete is present everywhere: on the facade, interior walls, and interior items. To compensate for the rather gloomy dominant color, the house has many wide windows that provide natural light access to the premises, as well as designer lamps.
Home interior.
Layout in the form of a series of platforms.

The overall layout of the house resembles a series of platforms arranged in a spiral. Each of these platforms has a separate room. Thus, each of the family members, if desired, can retire in his own corner.
The original layout of the house.
House in Switzerland.

And in neighboring Italy opposite the vineyards is mansion with a mirrored facadereflecting the beauty of the Alpine mountains, as well as hiding the owners from the prying eyes of casual passers-by.

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