Beautiful and practical Code kitchen set

Beautiful and practical Code kitchen set

One of the main trends of the coming year regarding the design of kitchens is the availability of easily adaptable modular kitchen cabinets providing complete compositional freedom. Most modern headsets allow you to choose the perfect options that take into account the particular layout of the house. The Code collection by Snaidero was no exception.
Kitchen set in white and yellow tones
A wealth of contrasting textures
Yellow accents
Restrained and elegant.

The original collection from the Italian company Snaidero combines extraordinary flexibility with ergonomics, elegant style and practical use of the kitchen space. Focusing on simplicity and functionality, the designers proposed the option of headsets that are suitable for any kitchen.
Open plan - kitchen and living room
Kitchen island
Breakfast stand
The warmth of the wood in the interior of the kitchen

The concept of the collection is to create an elegant kitchen for everyone, so the border between it and the dining room is almost invisible thanks to Code headsets. In addition, cabinets, shelves, cupboards allow the most efficient use of vertical space, and the kitchen island and bar counters turn the kitchen into a composition center in case of an open plan.
Kitchen accessories
Work corner in the kitchen
Meso for storing everything you need
Proper lighting in the kitchen

All furniture is presented in rich colors, with various finishes, guaranteeing a textural and visual variety. And more modest living conditions dictate their features - Corner headset: smart solution for a small kitchen.

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