Bed linens that can and should be painted with markers

Bedding that is easy to color by yourself.

Finding the perfect bedding is not so easy - people with a pretentious taste can devote a lot of time to shopping and as a result, it’s still not right to buy it. Especially for them, original linen has been released, which everyone can turn into a work of art with the help of felt-tip pens.
Bed linen with felt-tip pens.
Sheets that are easy to paint.

Set of linen from Doodle by Stitch is a snow-white lined fabric, evoking associations with school notebooks. The set offers a set of felt-tip pens of various colors that fit perfectly on the fabric. The paint in the markers is water-soluble, therefore, after each wash, the laundry will again be pristine.
Unusual underwear for children and adults.
Funny underwear for coloring.

This kit will also appeal to those who often forget the creative ideas that come to mind before going to bed. Now you can make any notes without getting out of bed. And lovers can leave their partners touching notes in the morning. The linen is made of 100% cotton and comes in two sizes.

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