Collection of recycled cardboard furniture "Canyon"

Furniture collection "Canyon"

The Grand Canyon is not only the pride of all Americans, but also a source of inspiration for artists, architects and sculptors. At least the Italian architect and designer Giancarlo Zema was inspired by the mountain ranges of America to create the Canyon furniture collection. For the production of new furniture, the Italian used recycled cardboard, gluing it together, giving the desired relief to household items.
Collection of recycled cardboard furniture "Canyon"

The eco-collection includes an armchair, sofa, coffee table and lamp. Despite the apparent fragility of products, objects are durable and durable. The armchair has a shelf for magazines, newspapers or guest bags.
Recycled Furniture Collection

The glossy surface of the table is easy to care for. An energy-saving lamp is built into the high lamp, which shines well and does not heat cardboard. All furniture looks concise enough and easily fits into any interior.
Collection "Canyon"

Similar streamlined shapes can be traced in another designer collection. Furniture with illumination. Giancarlo Zema's "Smokin 'style Bright Woods' collection" is made from natural wood and glows in the dark, creating a pleasant twilight.

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