KAYLAD-e electric tricycle

KAYLAD-e electric tricycle concept

Many residents of large cities prefer to ride bikes. Especially if it's a convenient bike with an electric motor, such as a concept KAYLAD-e.
KAYLAD-e concept
KAYLAD-e concept

The tricycle, developed by Dimitris Niavis, is equipped with an electric motor that is charged from the pedals. The body is made of wood and carbon fiber. KALYAD-e also has a flexible load securing system.
Dynamic suspension KAYLAD-e
KAYLAD-e is equipped with a fastening system for transporting various goods

The tricycle suspension allows it to easily maneuver in the traffic stream. Headlights, rear dimensions and turn signals will provide KAYLAD-e safe movement among other participants in the movement. The built-in GPS navigator will help you not to get lost even in an unfamiliar city.

Watch the video: Kaylad-e Electric trike by Dimitris Niavis (December 2019).

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