Twin: bench, swing or confidence test?

Twin swing bench from Italian Andrea Rekalidis.

A friend is in trouble, and a partner is in the details. So for those who rely on their neighbor in everything, this piece of furniture will be most welcome. Especially in the philosophical configuration that the designer proposed Andrea Rekalidis: balancing bench for two people sitting on opposite sides of the board.
A balancing bench is a unique way to test the relationship for strength.
Front view of all available configurations.

Multifunctional swing bench Twin rebuilds easily, like a child’s designer, without screws and mounts for a momentary mood. Joints of legs and seat are possible in two positions: balancing and stable bench.
Twin in the modification of the rocking bench.
The components of the kit.

And also, both of these options, in an informal setting, can be turned into a funny swing, for which the corresponding details are provided in the kit. And for the sake of safety, special "plugs" were invented in those grooves that are not currently involved.
All components are easily fixed without glue, nails and other devices.
Balancing bench Twin.

An environmentally friendly swing-bench is not only a good test of team unity (albeit of only two people), but also a good way to spend time swaying romantically or, remembering childhood together, to think of yourself as heroes harnessing the mechanical horses of American bars.

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